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April 27, 2023

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    It’s no secret that moving is one of the most stressful life events you’ll endure. Everything from the essential planning of your move to selecting a professional mover to set a budget can be a question mark if you’re inexperienced in this area.

    Choosing the right moving company is an essential step in the process to ensure you get all of the services you’ll need, such as packing or GPS tracking, at a competitive rate. We’ve reviewed and ranked dozens of providers to help narrow the search to the industry’s top 10 best moving companies.

    What Are the Best Moving Companies?

    Our top recommended moving companies for 2023:

    What Should You Look for In a Moving Company?

    When hiring the best mover to get you to your new home, there are a few key areas of concern to address with your customer service representative. Remember to request proof of all relevant registrations and insurance policies before booking.

    Fully Insured

    All moving companies must carry multiple insurance policies aside from vehicle and cargo coverage. These include:

    • Workers’ Compensation:This insurance policy protects your interests in case of a work-related injury during your move. Without such coverage, you could be held financially responsible for damages.
    • Released Liability Coverage:This coverage provides the industry-minimum reimbursement if your items are lost or damaged. The $0.60 per pound per item provided will not cover the value of most goods, but it is included in the base price of your move.
    • Valuation Options:This is not technically insurance, although it functions similarly. Your mover will not be licensed as an insurance broker but can offer this coverage at an additional cost. You should inquire during your estimate about having the full value of your goods covered for the duration of your move.

    Properly Registered

    All moving companies will have certain registration requirements to comply with. Most states will have their own governing body to regulate moving companies. Those that don’t often require a USDOT number as a bare minimum.

    • Federal Registration:The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates all long-distance andinterstate moving companies.Movers must be registered with this governing body and carry active U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and Moving Carrier (MC) numbers. These are displayed prominently on company vehicles, estimates, and moving contracts. Using these,you can look up amover’scomplaint history and registration status.
    • State Registration:You can look upbasic registration requirementsfor each state. If your state doesn’t require any registration for movers other than basic business licensing, you should lean on customer reviews to determine reputability.

    Well Reviewed

    Customer reviews are an invaluable tool for evaluating your movers. Any moving company can make a solid impression during a quote, but third-party reviews will tell far more about a given mover’s actual performance and conduct. Look up reviews from Google, Yelp, the BBB, and social media to ensure your mover’s quality.

    Compare the Best Moving Companies

    Company Our Take Our Rating BBB Rating Local Cost Long-Distance Cost
    International Van Lines Best Full-Service Mover 9.8 B 650 - 1350美元 $2,100–$5,400
    American Van Lines Most Transparent Pricing 9.7 B- $550–$1,100 $2,550–$5,700
    Safeway Moving Best Flat Rate Pricing 9.6 Not Rated Not available for local moves $2,200–$5,500
    Moving APT Most Moving Partners 9.6 B Call for a quote $2,750–$5,200
    JK Moving Services Most Customizable Moving Experience 9.5 A+ Call for a quote $2,750–$6,000
    Allied Van Lines Most Vehicle Shipping Options 9.4 A+ $800–$1,500 $2,000–$5,000
    U-Pack Most Widely-Available Container Service 9.3 A+ Not available for local moves $1,350–$2,400
    North American Van Lines Best Pricing Options 9.2 A+ $800–$1,500 $2,000–$5,000
    PODS Most Flexible Container Service 9.1 Not Rated $750–$1,900 $1,450–$2,500
    Atlas Van Lines Most Qualified Moving Crews 9.1 A+ Call for a quote Call for a quote

    * Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings are accurate as of December 2023.

    International Van Lines: Best Full-Service Mover

    Why We Recommend International Van Lines

    International Van Lines (IVL) is a relatively recent entrant into the domestic market and is now one of the most recognized and trusted names in the United States. It works as both a carrier and broker to handle a wide array of moving needs across all 50 states. With this provider, customer service is a cornerstone of its business model, with clients giving IVL high marks and reporting on relatively stress-free moving experiences with this provider.

    IVL offers nearly unparalleled international and domestic reach to its customers. With availability in over 180 other countries and all 50 states, it operates one of the largest moving networks in the world. Its dual status as both a carrier and a broker allows it to partner with numerous top moving companies in any location, ensuring the best possible service for your move.

    Pros & Cons of International Van Lines


    • One month of free storage included in all moves
    • Reviews report excellent customer service
    • Services moves in all 50 states and 180 other countries


    • Brokers out many of its U.S. moves
    • Quality can vary across partners and local agents
    • Quality can vary across partners and local agents

    Services Offered

    IVL can provide clients with the services listed below. Its partnerships with local partners mean that this list can vary from location to location. One constant across all locations is providing a free month of storage for moves of any size. This is only offered at the point of origin but is greatly helpful if you have a long gap between move-out and move-in dates.

    • Air and ocean freight
    • Auto Transport
    • Custom crating for fragile items
    • Debris removal
    • Local, long-distance, and international moving
    • Packing services
    • Piano moving
    • Storage services (short-term and long-term)
    • Unpacking


    IVL’s costs can vary greatly depending on your exact location. However, it does advertise fairly transparent pricing. While not guaranteed flat rates, its quotes are reliable. Here, we’ve put together a table of some average costs that you can expect when moving with International Van Lines:

    Home Size <250 mi 500 mi 1,000 mi 2,000 mi
    2 BR $1,550–$4,800 $2,100–$5,400 $2,300–$5,600 $2,600–$6,000
    4 BR $3,600–$6,800 $5,600–$9,000 $6,300–$9,500 $6,800–$10,000

    Learn more:Read our fullInternation Van Lines review.

    Get a quote:International Van Lines

    American Van Lines: Most Transparent Pricing

    Why We Recommend American Van Lines

    American Van Lines (AVL) has been a power player in the moving industry for some time now. Since its founding in the mid-1990s, it has provided local and long-distance relocation services at easy-to-understand flat rates. Along with this, it advertises the most-experienced moving crews in the business. For its transparency and quality of work, this carrier is one of the best options for all types of moves.

    AVL的质量声誉的工作源于其experienced moving crews. All workers are vetted and carefully selected, emphasizing customer service ability and overall time on the job. Open communication lines throughout your entire moving process will make for a relatively smooth move.

    Pros and Cons of American Van Lines


    • Flat rate pricing for all moves
    • Price matching available
    • Provides expedited moving service between major cities


    • Large deposits (up to 50%) often required at booking
    • Reviews mention spotty customer service at times

    Services Offered

    AVL works exclusively as a carrier, meaning it directly provides all services, including those listed here. If yourmove includes several antiquesor valuables, then the qualified professionals American Van Lines can provide might be your best option.

    • Antique moving
    • Car shipping
    • Full-service or partial packing
    • Local, long-distance, and international moving
    • Residential and commercial moving
    • Storage


    American Van Lines exclusively provides its clients with flat rates for all moves. Whether you’re moving across town or several states over, you’ll always be given an up-front, binding estimate. The following rates are averages for moves of varying distances and show what you can expect to pay with AVL.

    Home Size <250 mi 500 mi 1,000 mi 2,000 mi
    2 BR $1,700–$4,700 $2,300–$5,300 $2,600–$5,600 $4,200–$7,200
    4 BR $4,800–$7,800 $5,600–$8,600 $7,400–$10,400 $10,800–$13,800

    Learn more:Take a look at our fullreview of American Van Linesto learn more.

    Get a quote:American Van Lines

    Safeway Moving: Best Flat-Rate Pricing

    Why We Recommend Safeway

    Safeway Moving is one of the most widely-known and well-respected carriers and brokers in the moving industry today. Though its home office is in Chicago, it operates via a personable customer service team to contract moves out to partners in all 50 states. Its coverage area and the number of partner companies make it an ideal choice for most moves within the United States.

    Safeway Moving’s customer service teams can make most relocations into a fairly straightforward experience. For long-distance moves—Safeway’s main focus area—this is an especially welcome feature for clients. Its core tenets of integrity and accountability to its work make Safeway a leader among other moving companies.

    Pros & Cons of Safeway Moving


    • Highly-rated customer service
    • Offers flat rates for all moves provided
    • Provides a range of specialized and basic moving services via a nationwide partner network
    • Supplies 30 days of free storage (at destination) with each move


    • No local moving option available
    • Website is somewhat lacking in information

    Services Offered

    Safeway can provide nearly any service you may require during your relocation. This can include but is not limited to the list below. These offerings will vary from location to location, as service provisions depend on partner carriers in a given area.

    • Car shipping
    • Packing and unpacking services
    • Packing materials (as a retailer)
    • Piano moving
    • Short and long-term storage


    Safeway Moving differs from many of its larger competitors because it offers flat rates for all moves. This is one of the many reasons its customer service team has consistently earned high praise. Detailed cost estimates mean that clients aren’t subjected to “sticker shock” during the final billing phase of any move. While costs are slightly higher than industry averages, people on the move are afforded 30 free days of storage with each move.

    Home Size <250 mi 500 mi 1,000 mi 2,000 mi
    2 BR $2,000–$5,000 $2,300–$5,600 $2,400–$5,700 $2,900–$6,200
    4 BR $3,500–$6,800 $5,200–$7,300 $6,000–$8,200 $8,500–$11,900

    Learn more:Read our fullSafeway Moving reviewto learn more about booking with this provider.

    Get a quote:Safeway Moving

    Moving APT: Most Moving Partners

    Why We Recommend Moving APT

    Moving APT was founded in 1999 as a relatively small operation. Since then, it has expanded from a two-truck company to one of the country’s most prolific moving brokers. It has serviced more than half a million moving clients via 500 local agents across the United States. Moving APT’s ability to broker out services, coupled with price-matching policies and numerous discount options, make it a reliable option for moves of all sizes. When dealing with moving brokers, it’s always recommended that you thoroughly research the moving companies it partners with within your area before booking or getting quotes.

    Moving APT researches and partners with many of the best moving companies across the country to bring you further ease of booking early on in the moving process. No matter what you’re looking for in the way of professional moving assistance, the odds are that one of Moving APT’s partners in your area will be able to help.



    • 其网站上包含的全部资料很多most-used partners
    • Price matching and discounts offered
    • The number of affiliates equals great diversity of service


    • Service quality varies depending on location
    • Price changing by its local agents can be an issue

    Services Offered

    通过500 +合作伙伴网络,移动APT provide the services below, along with far more. Note that service availability often hinges on which local partner takes on your move.

    • Appliance connection services
    • Auto shipping
    • Commercial and residential moving
    • Packing services
    • Packing supplies (included for some moves)
    • Piano moving
    • Some furniture disassembly and reassembly


    Moving APT offers price matching, so many clients can get a comparatively low rate if they’re willing to do the legwork to get competing quotes. This option is available for both local and cross-country moves. A recent two-bedroom, the 1,200-mile move was quoted at $4,800, which places this provider in-line with industry averages. Your costs will vary based on the providers in your area, move size, and service requirements.

    Read ourMoving APT reviewfor more information on this moving broker.

    Get a quote:Moving APT

    JK Moving Services: Most Customizable Moving Experience

    Why We Recommend JK Moving

    JK Moving Services is an excellent moving broker and carrier based in Virginia. After four decades in the business, it has carried out half a million moves of all sizes. JK Moving provides an excellent array of services backed by leading insurance and valuation options. Its flexible service options make it ideal for complicated or out-of-the-ordinary moves and more standard fare.

    JK Moving’s customer service makes it stand out among its competitors. From the start of your move, you’re in contact with a move coordinator who facilitates all services and handles any complaints or issues. JK Moving also provides GPS tracking for all moves. These combined factors make for a far less unnerving experience, especially for longer moves. You’ll never be totally out of touch with your shipment.

    Pros & Cons of JK Moving


    • Customer service is available 24/7
    • Financing options available
    • Excellent value protection and coverage options


    • Limited range for local moves
    • Reviews vary depending on region

    Services Offered

    JK Moving Services acts as a broker across much of its territory, with many moves outside of Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., being contracted out to third-party operators. This lends it a degree of flexibility and versatility. Here is a list of add-ons and basic services it offers, which can vary from location to location.

    • Climate-controlled storage options
    • Financing assistance
    • Furniture wrapping
    • GPS shipment tracking
    • Local moving in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C.
    • Packing (full-service or fragile-only)
    • Residential and commercial services


    The standard of $2,750–$6,050 for a two-bedroom, 500-mile move is typical for JK Moving. You’ll have to schedule a quote through its website to get an accurate estimate. Luckily for clients in remote locations, JK Moving has an AI-assisted online quote tool, which helps render accurate pricing data without an in-person home survey.

    Read ourJK Moving Services reviewfor more information on this carrier and broker.

    Get a quote:JK Moving Services

    Allied Van Lines: Most Vehicle Shipping Options

    Why We Recommend Allied

    At some point, you’ve probably seen one of Allied Van Lines’ distinctive orange and black trucks on the road. The company has 88 years of experience in the moving industry and availability across all 50 states and more than 150 other countries worldwide. Allied operates as a carrier and directly provides many services, including packing, crating, several vehicle shipping options, and more. It also maintains a 96% customer satisfaction rating across all moves.

    Allied Van Lines is one of the most experienced moving companies you could book a move with today. It provides transparent pricing and superior customer service; when combined, these aspects make it one of the most sought-after movers in the industry today. As proof of this, it maintains an A+ BBB rating and is the recipient of Newsweek’s Best Customer Service Award for 2021.

    Pros & Cons of Allied


    • Doesn’t outsource vehicle shipping
    • GPS tracking offered for all moves
    • Transparent pricing


    • Elevated costs for longer moves are often reported in reviews
    • Reviews report negative experiences during the claims process

    Services Offered

    Allied provides one of the most comprehensive service profiles in the industry. Of course, certain services and availability could vary from location to location. You should discuss service needs during any moving estimate you receive. The following is a reliable list of add-ons you can expect at most locations.

    • Auto shipping
    • Boat and specialty vehicle shipping
    • Debris removal
    • Furniture assembly and disassembly
    • GPS shipment tracking
    • International moving
    • Packing (full-service or partial) and unpacking
    • Packing supplies
    • Storage


    Allied Van Lines’ cost of $2,400–$5,400 for a two-bedroom, 500-mile move is slightly above the industry average but not prohibitively. The following pricing figures are average costs from actual recent Allied moves. However, an in-person quote is always the best way to get an optimal pricing estimate.

    Home Size <250 mi 500 mi 1,000 mi 2,000 mi
    2 BR $1,800–$4,500 $2,400–$5,400 $2,700–$5,700 $4,400–$7,400
    4 BR $3,300–$6,000 $5,700–$8,700 $7,500–$10,500 $10,900–$13,900

    Read our fullAllied Van Lines reviewfor a thorough breakdown of this industry mainstay.

    Get a quote:Allied Van Lines

    Even if you hire the best professional movers, we still recommend doing your own packing.

    U-Pack: Best Overall Container Service

    Why We Recommend U-Pack

    U-Pack is our top pick for moving containers and moving trailer rental services. With 240 locations across all 50 states, this provider is within reach of millions of potential customers and thousands of destinations. Three-day loading and unloading windows for each vessel allow unprecedented flexibility during the moving process. At the same time, its pricing structure makes it so all can have a bit of control over how much a move costs.

    U-Pack’s wide availability and multiple container size options make it ideal for DIY moves of all sizes. U-Pack is the most cost-effective option if you’re planning a larger move but would rather do all the heavy lifting yourself. When you consider the lower liability relative torenting a moving truck, this is one of your best options if you don’t want to hire afull-service moving company.When you book a move with this provider, you’ll also be provided access to a wide selection of storage facilities, with flexible delivery options as part of your move package.

    Pros & Cons of U-Pack


    • 240 locations across all 50 states
    • “Pay for what you use” pricing model keeps costs low
    • Three-day windows for loading and unloading


    • Arranging for unit or trailer parking can be tricky
    • U-Pack doesn’t provide local moves (under 150 miles)

    Services Offered

    U-Pack提供两种尺寸的选择。其存储控制ainer is well-suited for most studio apartments or single rooms, while the trailer option is ideal for most three-bedroom homes.

    • Choose from an 8-foot ReloCube or 27-foot trailer
    • Short-term and long-term storage at U-Pack centers
    • Moving help can be hired if needed


    U-Pack’s “pay for what you need” pricing structure allows customers autonomy when planning their moves. Price is determined by the volume of storage space used, which means that some downsizing can seriously affect your bottom line with this provider. Here are some ballpark price ranges from past U-Pack moves.

    Home Size <250 mi 500 mi 1,000 mi 2,000 mi
    2 BR $660–$1,750 $1,300–$2,400 $1,750–$2,850 $2,300–$3,400
    4 BR $880–$2,000 $2,000–$3,100 $3,000–$4,100 $4,500–$5,600

    Take a look at ourU-Pack reviewto find out more.

    Get a quote:U-Pack

    North American Van Lines: Best Pricing Options

    Why We Recommend NAVL

    North American Van Lines (NAVL) has more than 80 years of experience and has built up a reputation as a leading service provider in that time. With one of the largest moving fleets and networks in the United States, this mover provides service to clients of varying needs and service requirements in all locations. This mover can help you whether you’re moving locally or across the country.

    North American Van Lines’ combination of service offerings and competitive pricing make it a viable option for most moves. With NAVL, you’ll have the option of selecting a “not-to-exceed” pricing option, which can help you stay within a set budget. With more than 2,700 trucks across 500-plus local agents and directly affiliated locations, NAVL is well within reach of customers within all 50 states. 24/7 tracking on all shipments—a feature becoming far more common—is also known to be reliable with NAVL.

    Pros & Cons of North American Van Lines


    • A dedicated move coordinator is provided for all relocations
    • GPS tracking available for all moves
    • “Not to exceed” pricing option helps clients afford moves on most budgets


    • Many reviews report difficult claims processes for damage
    • Specialty services can be based on local agent ability

    Services Offered

    North American Van Lines emphasizes the proper training for all of its employees. This translates to an excellent customer service reputation and services performed at the highest level. They include the following:

    • 24/7 shipment tracking
    • Appliance installation
    • Debris removal
    • Excellent insurance options
    • Furniture assembly and disassembly
    • Packing and unpacking (full-service or partial)
    • Storage


    NAVL’s pricing averages are a bit higher than industry averages. You may have to select a more basic moving package for more competitive pricing when you book with this mover.

    Home Size <250 mi 500 mi 1,000 mi 2,000 mi
    2 BR $2,000–$5,000 $2,650–$5,900 $3,000–$6,200 $4,800–$8,100
    4 BR $3,600–$6,600 $6,200–$9,500 $9,000–$11,500 $12,000–$14,900

    Read ourNAVL reviewto find out more about this nationwide provider.

    Get a quote:North American Van Lines

    豆荚:最灵活的帐目iner Service

    Why We Recommend PODS

    PODS is one of the most recognized names in the moving industry. Moving clients will typically refer to moving containers of any brand by this acronym. PODS is a true original that offers everything from on-site storage for home renovations to long-distance and cross-country moving.

    PODS is one of the best options around for small to mid-sized moves. It has numerous locations throughout 44 states, making it one of the most widely-available options. It offers eight, 12, and 16-foot containers that fit most home sizes up to a two-bedroom apartment. Beyond this, you may need to rent multiple units. PODS also has a leg up on many of its competitors due to its insurance coverage. If you need to stage a DIY move and have valuables to be covered, you can inquire about this during booking.

    Pros and Cons of PODS


    • Available across 44 states
    • Three container size options available
    • Highly recommended, with numerous positive reviews


    • No online booking option for long-distance moves with PODS
    • Pricing can quickly increase if you need more than one unit

    Services Offered

    PODS is a self-service mover, which means it has fairly minimal service offerings. These include:

    • Car shipping through third-party services
    • 保险开始ning at $34.95 per unit
    • Local moving for all container sizes
    • Long-distance moving for its 8- and 16-foot containers
    • Packing and labor help through third party services


    As a common DIY moving solution, PODS’ rates are far lower than any full-service mover, which the following averages reflect:

    Home Size <250 mi 500 mi 1,000 mi 2,000 mi
    2 BR $750–$1,900 $1,450–$2,500 $1,900–$3,000 $2,400–$3,500
    4 BR $1,000–$2,100 $2,100–$3,200 $3,200–$4,300 $4,600–$5,700

    Read our full reviewPODS reviewto learn more.

    Atlas Van Lines: Most Qualified Moving Crews

    Why We Recommend Atlas Van Lines

    Atlas Van Lines is one of the oldest and most well-respected moving companies in the United States today. After more than 70 years in the business, it has earned a reputation for quality and reliability. It services various sizes, from local studioapartment relocationsto cross-country five-bedroom moves, with plenty of add-on services available.

    Atlas Van Lines operates more than 430 locations across the United States and Canada, with more than 1,500 international partners besides. This makes it a truly global moving carrier and broker. As a bonus, its fully background-checked workforce rates among the best in the business. Fully vetted employees are not guaranteed among big movers, and many clients rate their moving experiences highly.

    Pros and Cons of Atlas Van Lines


    • Fully background-checked workforce
    • Discounts available for AAA members
    • Atlas has an intuitive mobile app that streamlines the moving process


    • Service quality can vary between locations
    • Quotes and claims processes can run long

    Services Offered

    Atlas Van Lines can provide the following services across the United States:

    • Auto transport
    • Corporate and military moving
    • Packing and unpacking
    • Specialty moving services for heavy items
    • Storage
    • Valuation coverage options


    Atlas Van Lines’ price points typically fall within industry averages, with typical 500-mile moving costs ranging from $3,500 to $6,500. To get your comprehensive estimate, you should fill out a quote form on Atlas’ company website. Once you do, you’ll be put in contact with a qualified customer service representative.

    Learn more:Read ourcomprehensive Atlas Van Lines reviewto learn more.

    What Factors Influence Moving Costs?

    Budgeting for a move can seem complicated. Here, we’ve broken down the main billing methods used by movers and sources of increased costs that you should account for during your move.

    Here are some average costs for long-distance and local full-service moves.

    Distance 1 BR 2 BR 3 BR 4 BR
    Local $1,300 $1,650 $2,200 $3,000
    250 mi $3,000 $4,150 $5,600 $6,600
    500 mi $3,400 $4,500 $6,600 $7,300
    1000 mi $3,850 $4,950 $7,000 $9,200
    2000 mi $4,700 $5,300 $7,400 $9,900
    2500 mi $5,200 $5,600 $7,800 $11,000
    3000 mi $5,600 $6,600 $9,600 $12,500

    Hourly Rates

    Local moves and labor-only services are billed at hourly rates. Both will come with associated minimum charges of anywhere from two to four hours at the base rate. You should consider this when youhire movers for smaller jobs.

    Line Haul Fees

    These rates are determined by shipment weight and move distance, calculatingcosts for long-distance relocations. Most moving companies will have defined processes for weighing trucks before and after loading. You should inquire about this during your estimate if planning a move across state lines or over a longer distance.

    Reasons for Increased Fees

    以下可以抬高利率,应该be accounted for in planning any move. You may not be able to avoid some sources of increased costs, but being aware of these will help you budget more accurately.

    • Advanced Booking:Booking your move at least a month ahead of time is the best way to avoid add-on convenience fees or elevated rates.
    • Season:All moving companies experience heightened demand from May through September. Booking during this time could lead to higher rates or overall charges.
    • Services required:Add-ons, such as packing, crating, vehicle shipping, and storage, can inflate your final price substantially. You should discuss all add-ons needed with your moving company representative.

    Full Service vs. Self-Service Moving

    Before you begin the booking process, your move type should always be at the forefront of your mind. If you’re looking to save money, thenbooking with a container provideror self-service moving alternative would be the best option. U-Pack and PODS are among the top providers of such moving services.

    Full-service moves will cost more—sometimes upwards of double the cost—but will include add-ons as needed. If convenience is your goal, hiring a full-service moving crew to handle your next relocation should be a priority. To learn more about the pros and cons of moving yourself vs. hiring a professional mover, watch this video:

    Moving Broker vs. Carrier

    When researching moving companies, you should ensure you know what services you’re booking and who will be carrying them out. Moving carriers are conventional operators in the industry. They directly handle all moves that they book with their own crews.

    On the other hand, moving brokers contract services out to third-party carriers. This can lead to a wide range of quality variances. Often, these movers will be quality providers as well. However, some brokers make a habit of contracting work out to the lowest bidder, which can put your belongings at risk.

    Tips for a Stress-Free Move

    Your move will surely be a hectic experience, no matter how well you plan. However, if you follow these tips, you will havea smoother experience.

    Take a Full Inventory of Your Home

    A primary step when hiring movers should be tomake full lists of all goodsyou plan to take with you and all that you plan to get rid of. Doing this and having such lists available during your estimates will allow your moving company representatives to render a far more accurate quote.

    Get Hard Copies of Your Estimate and Contract

    Once you’ve had movers to your home, you’ll want to get hard copies of all associated moving documents. Estimates should have all charges and services thoroughly laid out. Similarly, your moving contract will also have line-item charges and move date. Keep these on hand during the lead-up to your move and on moving day.

    Begin Packing Early

    You should begin the packing process for your move around eight weeks ahead of time. Pack between one and four boxes daily to avoid mistakes or stress about your move as the big day approaches.

    Label Boxes and Furniture

    As you pack, label all boxes to reflect their exact contents and destination room in your new home. Label fragile items, so your movers pack them into the truck accordingly. Having all destinations clearly marked will make your unloading go far quicker.

    Set a High Budget

    Budget 10% to 20% more for your move than your estimate states. You’ll want to plan for the potential for added fees due to inventory increases or the expansion of your service needs.

    Get Rid of Excess

    安排一个标签出售或转储运行期间积累to moving day. This will help minimize clutter as you pack more of your goods. It will also ensure that you aren’t paying your movers to transport unneeded items.

    Switch Utilities

    Remember to contact your utility providers to have all services transferred to your new address. Doing this a few weeks before your move will alleviate some of the stress you’re sure to experience during moving week.

    Change Address

    File a change of address at least two weeks before your move. At this point, you should list all subscriptions, bank accounts, and other documents requiring a change of address. Handle these changes during moving week.

    Final Thoughts

    The moving companies above are all well-suited to handle a wide range of local and long-distance moves. Choosing the right mover for your particular needs will be a matter of starting the process well ahead of your moving date and getting as many free quotes as possible. Doing this gives you the best look at different movers’ price points, services each company offers, and reputations and will minimize your chances of having a stressful move.

    Our experts recommend going with one of the best moving companies in the industry, such asInternation Van Lines,American Van Lines,orSafeway Moving, to make your move as smooth as possible.

    Methodology: How We Evaluated the Best Moving Companies

    At Today’s Homeowner, our primary goal is to be a transparent and reliable information source for our readers. We researched and analyzed dozens of full- and self-service moving companies and developed the following formula to render objective ratings—on a scale of 10 points—for the companies we review.

    Our ratings are based on publicly available information about each company, secret shopping online and over the phone, customer-review analysis, and interviews with former and current professional movers.

    We monitor company data on an ongoing basis to keep rankings and information up to date.

    • Transparency (3.0):We awarded top points to companies that supplied quotes quickly and provided clearly worded moving contracts. Communication is especially important for long-distance moves, so we awarded the most points to companies that made getting in touch and staying in contact with moving professionals easy. Points were also awarded for up-front communication regarding policies, licensing, and insurance.
    • Cost (2.5):We’ve weighted cost, including prices for standard services and add-ons, and overall value in our rating factors. Companies with steep pricing for add-on services were ranked lower.
    • Customer Service (2.0):We assessed customer service based on real customer feedback on review platforms like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Yelp, and Google. We also considered access to GPS tracking and other online tools.
    • Services Offered (1.5):很多搬家公司提供类似的服务,包括uding packing, unpacking, packing supplies, and transportation. However, the breadth of service offerings often varies. We awarded more points to companies that delivered unique services, such as car shipment, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and appliance setup.
    • Customization Options (1.0):We know that moving processes aren’t the same for customers. We’ve taken moving package customization ability and pricing for add-on moving services.

    Read ourdetailed methodologyfor more information.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much should I tip my movers?

    Tipping is never expected but is always appreciated. Your movers perform a very personal, hands-on service for you; if they’ve done an excellent job, then a tip is the ultimate compliment. Typically, $5 per hour per mover is standard practice for local moves. For overnight moves, $40 to $50 per mover per day is fair. You should budget for this beyond the total cost of your move if you plan on tipping.

    How quickly should my goods be delivered during a long-distance move?

    Movers can typically cover 400 miles during a full day of driving. You can expect most moves of more than 150 miles to be multi-day affairs due to USDOT driving regulations for commercial trucks.

    What basic services are included in a standard moving package?

    Basic moving packages usually include loading and unloading, furniture protection (moving pads), and released liability coverage for all goods transported. Some movers will offer a few free boxes with this to protect glass pieces or last-minute packing, but this is not typical. Discuss all add-ons you could need during moving quotes.

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